An aerial view of some canal homes in Flagler Beach and their proximity to the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

A view of the pier and the beach from afar and aloft.

A yacht on the Intracoastal Waterway in Flagler Beach, Florida.The Flagler Beach northern skyline as seen when crossing the high bridge from the mainland.

Flagler Beach's southern skyline as seen from the high bridge when coming home.

The Flagler Beach fishing pier.

The "Chapel" underneath the Flagler Beach high bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway.

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Selling your Flagler Beach Property with Sodi Griffin at 386-569-3940

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The Right Combination

For a sale to happen, you need the right combination of price and marketing – in any economy.

For example:  If your Flagler Beach property were priced at $100.00, would you agree it would probably sell?  Yes, it would sell, if the potential buyers knew about the price! 

Would you also agree if your property were priced at $1,000,000,000, it probably would not sell?  No matter how many buyers knew about it, the Flagler Beach property probably would not sell in this market for $1,000,000,000, (not even in Island Estates) no matter how good the marketing was.

Then, we can say that a sale is a good combination of price and marketing.  No matter what the condition, location, or market conditions. A good combination of price and marketing sells any property, anywhere, anytime.

Start gathering your property records in one place: survey, elevation certificate, owner’s manuals, building permits, insurance policies, tax bill, transferrable warranties and other similar documents.

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

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Price is Crucial (Your Choice)

Sold Properties

Check the sales prices of sold properties in the last 3-6 months in Flagler Beach. You can find them on the Flagler County Appraiser's web site or ask your Realtor to check them for you.

Properties Currently on the Market for Sale 

Check the other properties on the market now to see how they are priced. Check all local print and internet advertising or have a competent Realtor do it.  You are selling one of your largest assets; be choosy about which hard-working, knowledgeable local Realtor you pick!      

A Competitive Price

Price your property competitively and chances are, if the buyers know about your property, a sale will be imminent and you will be on your way to your new residence.

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

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hire a good experienced local Realtor to handle your largest investment.

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Condition Matters (Your Choice)

Improvements - Tax Credits

Better than the competition:

Make your property better than the competition, in price and in condition.  Often condition is the edge that sells one property over the other equally priced property. This is very important when buyers are scarce.

First impressions count.  If the first impression is a poor one, the buyers will enter, suspiciously looking for other flaws.  If the first impression is a good one, the buyer will look forward to a pleasant viewing. Your property should look and smell better than the competition.  Your property should appear and be as close to a model home as possible.  Here is your chance to clean up in real estate: 

Light, beige/gray/off white colored walls

All flat surfaces cleared.

Absolutely no refrigerator magnets.

Lots of floor space to make the room feel big.

Flowers at the front door make a welcoming first impression. Become friendly with the Bellevue Florists and the folks at the Farmers Market.

Manicure the lawns and shrubs.

Brightly colored front doors are welcoming.  If you don’t know which color to choose, ask your Realtor or go to the Local Gallery of Art, uptown and ask for an opinion.  Look at the pictures of the businesses on the “Community” page of this web site for what looks welcoming and what does not.  Visit Ace hardware or call a local painter.

Increased-wattage light bulbs make a room brighter, “happier”. (Try the Dollar General.) Turn them all on before the Realtor arrives with your potential buyer - even during the day.

Professionally clean any carpeting and give it time to dry thoroughly before putting your property on the market.

Repair tub and shower caulking if necessary.

Store excess furniture.  Start packing anything buyers might consider clutter.  Would you see it in a model home? Use your critical eyes when looking around.

Always Available for Showing (Your Realtor also should be available on short notice – easier if he/she is a local resident.)

Your property should be available to be seen on a moment’s notice, as our “buyers” sometimes do not know they are buyers until they come here and fall in love with our community.  (I have seen visitors buy property when their vacation was over, their car was packed and they were on their way out of town but just stopped into the Realtor’s office to see “what-if”.)

Keys.  To be available for sale, it needs to be accessible at all times (and so should your local Realtor who lives in town). 

Pack your valuables awayRealtors try to be cognizant of where the buyers are and what they are doing but we do not use leashes. (Maybe we should, then we would not let the buyers get away until they bought your house.) It is better to be safe than sorry.

Cook as little seafood and strong spices as you can stand (a good excuse for dining out – see the list of restaurants in town on the “Community” page of this web site.) Keep lots of Glade Plug-In refills handy.  You may not like the scent on a daily basis, but an hour before the Realtor arrives with your buyers, plug it in, plug it in.

Kitchens and Bathrooms can make or break the sales; be sure they are not just clean, but sparkling – mirrors, chrome, ceramic, glass, everything that can shine should shine. Any scents should be floral, apple pies or cinnamon buns.

Beach decor helps to sell a beach house – what a surprise!  We have Bahama Mama’s, the Seaside Shoppe, Down by the Sea, the Central Beach Market, and the Jose Gaspar Treasure Company for beachy-nautical decor.  Visit them all while your house is being shown. Ask them for their decorating opinions for each room of your house.

Organized closets (ugh!) are a must.  Closet inserts are not terribly expensive (first try Ace Hardware, in Flagler Beach, then Lowe's and Home Depot) but they make the closets look so much larger.

Everything should be clean – like a model home, remember? Because we don’t have dirt here – and never have any sand – it does not exist because we don’t work.  We are on vacation – always!  Do not even hint that your property requires even a minimal work (ugh, twice!)

Make sure everything works properly – door bells ring, water comes out of the right places (no leaks), and no squeaks, etc.  Put that Honey-Do list into high gear!  Get friendly with the good folks at Ace Hardware, here in Flagler Beach.

Soft, classical music keeps a buyer in the property longer and all Realtor’s know, the longer the buyer is in the “store”, the more likely they are to buy.

Fingerprints must have been washed off or painted over.

Garages are neat and clean. (Did I hear you say “ugh”?)

The look of a new house is quickly accomplished with a coat of paint.  Nothing returns more for your money than paint. Call a local painter and get it done!

Aroma, more than any other single reason, encourages or prevents the sale of a good house.  If you think it is expensive to replace Fido's Easy Boy swivel-rocking recliner, wait until you see the “hit” you take on the price if you do not remove the odor!  Get the dog out of the house – bring your baby to the Bed and Biscut Bark Park, they will love it.  Let Groomingdales give baby a scented bath while there - do it once or twice a month while the property is on the market.

Clean the cat’s litter box twice a day or more often! 

Torn screens and cracked or fogged window glass should be replaced.

Lower the thermostat.  Most of our buyers are from a cooler climate and cannot stand the heat above 72 degrees!  The comfortable cold will keep them in the house longer.  (I will be lingering near a sunny window myself.)

As if the above was not enough, hiring a Home Inspector for a couple hundred dollars, will give you a great Honey Do list.  It is better that you get the list now, when you can use it to encourage a sale rather than later, after the sale has fallen apart because the buyer saw an inspection report first or because you do not have the time to make repairs when you are thinking about your new home.

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

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Seller Financing

If you are in a position to be your own bank (you own the property outright or have a tiny mortgage on it) and you want a better interest rate on your sales proceeds than banks are paying these days, or you want the safety of a secured asset (your house) instead of the volatile stock market, holding the mortgage on the property might be something to consider for your retirement.  Credit is tight and many good buyers are locked out of the buying market because banks are in such a poor position having to depend on federal bail-outs.  (Aren't we all glad about that?) You could increase the profit you earn on the sale of your house by collecting it in additional interest.  Talk it over with your Realtor to determine if holding the financing is in your best interest.

Get out

Get out of the property while the buyers are there. (See the list of things to do in town on the Community page of this web site.) We have all been taught it is impolite to stare and most buyers (who often already feel like intruders) will not want to appear to be staring at your personal items. What they are really doing is mentally placing their furniture.  Do not inhibit them; get away from there, these buyers are serious.  Your Realtor knows enough to be quiet while the buyers are doing this kind of thinking.

Stay out. 

If the buyers and Realtor are in there too long, they may be sitting at your table writing the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Do not go in! Dine out, use the restaurant bathroom, shop until you drop, then stop into the Beach House Beanery for a second cup of coffee,  do whatever it takes to stay away now!

If you overhear the buyers degrading your property, do not defend it; wait them out!  They have already opened negotiations on the sale price; these are probably serious buyers so don’t scare them away by being defensive!  (It’s easier for a Realtor to do this because he or she did not pick the colors, maintain it, etc.)

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

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What else?

No shows

....along with other stuff, happens.  That is true -  especially here, at the beach where there is always something better to do than look at property.  It is usually not the agent’s fault.  Do not take it out on your Realtor (unless he or she never calls to cancel – ever!)  You want to keep him or her on your side - enough to want to please you by doing a good job for you.

Negotiations are always easier with a third party (a Realtor), because they are not emotionally involved enough to defend the colors, lack of maintenance, mid-western decor, etcetera, and risk offending the buyers and losing the sale.  We are the unemotional messengers.

Full disclosure is mandatory.  No discrimination is allowed.  Otherwise you may visit one of the law firms listed on the Community page of this web site.

Marketing time

Know the marketing time for Flagler Beach – knowing what to expect helps the waiting and planning. Ask your local, resident Realtor.  You will know whether or not to plan your world cruise during the marketing time.  (See our local Gerling Travel Group if you go and let your Realtor know how to reach you.)

If your property is on the market during those beautiful months – you know the ones I mean (June through September), buy a transferable insurance policy (see the Community page) so as not to hold up the sale while waiting for the proper sunny day to close your transaction.  Your Realtor should remind your buyer to take care of this early, if you forget.

Take the first offer very seriously.  Many sellers wish they had the first and only offer ever made on their property because they still haven't received the second offer.

The waiting is made easier if you hear from your Realtor once in awhile.  You may or may not hear from your Realtor after every showing, depending how busy the market is but you should receive a market update a minimum of once per month.  If you do not hear from them and if your Realtors are local, you can always surprise them with a drop-in visit to hear the news – or non news, which ever the case may be.

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

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Just hire a good experienced Realtor to handle one of your largest investments.

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Marketing (Your Realtor’s Job)

Yard Sign

If you are going to try to sell your own property, be sure your sign is large enough to be seen by a traveling car.  (Realtor’s have many signs around town so if a buyer misses the telephone number on the first pass, the buyer can see it at the next sign.  Sorry!  If you want some selling tips, you have to read the Realtor plugs.)

Some buyers shop owner-signs exclusively.  They want to save the commission and get a really good price (and think we all just fell off a turnip truck – or is it a potato truck?)  What?  You want to save the commission?!!  But there is only one commission to be saved, who gets it? Then, who does the work, without getting paid, to get to the closing table? 

But, then again, some people are comfortable inviting complete strangers – off the beach - into their living rooms and bedrooms.  Not only that, most buyers do not buy the house they see advertised with a sign, they most often buy a house the Realtor has found based on their needs.  After two or three sign-calls, they call a Realtor to save time, save money and make it easy.

Word of Mouth

Both you and your Realtor should tell everybody you know about your house.  You may have friends who have said “If you ever decide to sell it, call me.”  It is a long shot but leave no stone unturned. Now, you may ask, why do I need a Realtor?  Have you ever negotiated with a best friend over your largest investment before? Which can you give up, your friend or the price?  A Realtor can negotiate easily, maintaining your friendship, leaving you both time to go shopping in Flagler Beach.  But then again, if it is your in-laws who want it, maybe the Realtor could back out.


Television advertising is a good concept and some sellers like to see their property on Sunday morning TV. I enjoy watching the shows but I do not know of any sellers who have successfully sold their house via television.  (I have been selling property since 1983.) I know plenty of Realtors who have tried it, none who continue it for very long.  (I suppose now, I will get inundated with email.  If that is the case, though, I will change my remarks here.)  Stay tuned.

Print Media

Even though 95% of home-buyers (for beachside properties) do their shopping online first, many of them still pick up at least one piece of print media before buying – it’s a habit – something to read while at the beach or waiting for the fish to bite.  Most buyers have their appointments already scheduled with a Realtor before arriving at the beach; they want to save their time for fishing, golf, surfing, boating, shopping, etcetera, and save their money on gas and lost deposits.  Even doing nothing is more important than looking at houses when on vacation. Realtors advertise in print these days because sellers still like to see their property in print (habit).  “Look at my house, we’re on page 16.”

Tedious Snail Mail 

Target marketing is giving way to internet pop-ups, sidebar advertising and search engines.  Although the internet is still where most buyers go first, some buyers don’t know they are buyers.  (I am thinking of Bob and Lynn, when I called to tell them about a fabulous house on the Intracoastal Waterway who said, “but Sodi, we don’t want another house, we love our house on the ocean.  Yeah, right! They kept a boat in their driveway! Now, when I visit, they hold up their crossed arms in front of them, saying “go away, we’re not selling; we love our house on the Intracoastal Waterway".  Bad example – that was word of mouth.)  Because some buyers do not know they are buyers, we still do target marketing via snail mail - a picture is worth a thousand words.  Whatever it takes!


This is where today’s marketing is done.  It begins after the first snow fall and continues until the buyer falls on the ice then plans the warm vacation here, in lovely Flagler Beach.  You need to have not good, but excellent exposure on a popular web site dedicated to Flagler Beach, a web site that “sells the location” first, then encourages the buyers to make the appointments before they arrive.  You also need to check your email once or twice each day! Before the buyer arrives, the Realtor has already scheduled the showing tour based on the lengthy email communication that preceded the vacation.  ( is one of many sites Sodi uses for internet marketing to attract buyers to Flagler Beach.)

Office Window

What could be a better place to advertise than the windows of our office at the end of the crosswalk from the very tourist-popular pier and Funky Pelican?

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

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Just hire a good experienced Realtor to handle one of your largest investments.

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Your Realtor

Should have local knowledge - know how to "sell" the area as well as the property.

Should be a ready-to-show local resident.

Should be experienced in negotiations (how much money are you risking in your largest investment?) and should be detail-oriented for the follow-up after the sales agreement is signed. The finish line is no place to sink the boat. 

Should have confidence to handle:

The clauses your particular situation requires in the four to
ten pages of the Sales and Purchase Agreement,

Impromptu showings of the property,
The agreement deadlines,
And more!

An experienced agent costs the same as an inexperienced agent so why not hire the best? 

An experienced agent will save you money at the negotiating table, keep you out of court after the fact, avoid a delayed closing because of something overlooked or unknown to an inexperienced or out-of-town agent. 

Contact an experienced, professional Realtor  then, I will get started getting you prepared for your next move. after all, it is my job.  It is what I do every day.  And it is what I have been doing since 1983.

Make an appointment for a free market evaluation of your property or just call for free marketing advice.

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

I hope you have found to be both entertaining and informative.
Have a warm and sunny beach-iful day!

Click here to List and Organize Your Property's Features or just
hire a good, experienced, resident Realtor to handle one of your largest investments.

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Your Only Two Decisions (for the right combination):



Ask a competent Realtor for help with the pricing.

Fill in the Property Features List to organize your thoughts.



Delegate the task of worrying to your local Realtor.... 

...A competent agent who will effectively and efficiently coordinate  every detail of
your transaction.  Fill in the Property Features List to help her out. 

Call Sodi Griffin at 386 - 569-3940.

"I will take care of the rest.  After all, it is my job.  It is what I do every day.  It is what I have been doing since 1983 (Flagler Beach since 1997).  Call Sodi, a local Flagler Beach resident Realtor. "

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