The Waffle  Cone History


Nicholas  and  Nancy  Zinkowski   opened The Waffle Cone during the spring of 2009, just barely south of the pier on South 4th Street.

the Waffle Cone in Flagler Beach

They have been running the shoppe with  two sweet  part time  employees in the winter,  four  sweet  employees in the summer.

Outside the Waffle Cone

They have their ice cream produced for them in small batch freezers and personally delivered each week from several local  companies.

You may have tasted their sweet treats several times already at both the Tommy Tant Food Festivals and at the
Tastes of Flagler Beach. 

The Waffle Cone and the beach


 Why we Love  Flagler Beach


We can have picnic tables outside offering refreshing sea breezes to our customers and a sidewalk for their child or grandchild's chalk drawings.

Outside the Waffle Cone

Having a location off Oceanshore Boulevard, the main street, we are grateful for all our customers who take the stroll two doors down South 4th Street from the beach.


"I hope that people will know where we are and what we have to offer Flagler Beach.   Thank You,  Flagler Beach  for the  opportunity."

the Waffle Cone and the beach


"Working in beautiful Flagler Beach gives to us the gift of  a  sweet life."


Order your ice cream cake or baked goods ahead of time from the Waffle Cone at 386-569-3153.

   The Waffle Cone

The Waffle Cone in Flagler Beach


Located at
102 South 4th Street, in Flagler Beach, Florida - very convenient to the beach.


"It is Nicholas' and Nancy's mission to make life a little sweeter at the beach by providing high quality home made products."

The Waffle Cone offers a menu of over 32 ice cream flavors, an assortment of their own baked cakes, brownies and cookies - perfect after lunch at A1A Burrito Works. They also have an espresso machine for cappucinos, lattes and mochas and they serve chai tea and hot cocoa.

Nicholas and Nancy make soft serve yogurt every weekend in their own freezer and offer parfaits and real fruit smoothies.

Delicious ice cream cakes and large orders of their delightful baked goods can be purchased there if you call in advance of your special occassion.

The Waffle Cone Flagler Beach

There is always a large assortmant of candy on hand to satisfy every sweet tooth.

The Waffle Cone is a small  but personable ice cream parlor, with  tables  and a children's corner for school groups on trips to  the  beach.

On the shelves, you will also find a sprinkling of local crafts. They invite you to the beach to enjoy the view and the sweetness they offer.

They love birthday parties - or any other party for that matter and will be able to offer space for  them  after   January, 2011   and  will  be happy to reserve your day if you call now.

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