Shop History

Dan "Sully" Sullivan fell in love with surfing over 20 years ago, after catching his first wave. Who knew that day  would change  his life  forever? Skateboarding  also took root at the same time.

products sold at Sully's Surf and Skate Shop

Even choosing colleges centered on locations near the ocean. While continueing to surf, Sully became a golf professional in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. His life, however, still revolved around surfing, as the seed had been planted to inspire others by opening a surf shop.

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Sully had been to and surfed at Flagler Beach (where his parents live) for a few years until he fell in love with it. In 2006, he opened Sully's in Palm Coast, inevitably moving to the beach soon afterwards.

Brandon Hoffman

Sully intends to continue to grow the sport of surfing and skating for future generations.


Why we Love Flagler Beach

"We have run children's summer surf camps  for  the  past  5 years  with tremendous success.

Last  summer  we even  worked with NASA to host an  all girls  Surf and Science  camp.

the interior of Sully's Surf and Skate shop

An east coast surfing champion, Jimmy Blumenfeld, is our camp instructor, and his  son,  Skye Blumenfeld,  just  won
his  first  surf contest  at  the age of five  years  old.  Amazing!

product sold at Sully's Surf and Skate Shop

Surfing  is an  athletic  lifestyle.

Flagler Beach is the  perfect place to stay  fit  and  enjoy  life.

Jimmy Blumenfeld

Order your board now directly from Sully and his Surf and Skate Shop, join the surfing camp and you may become a winner at 386-439-9288.

Sullys Surf and Skate

Sully's Surf and Skate Shop

Located at
211 South 3rd Street, in Flagler Beach, Florida for some of the best surfing around - not to mention the retail convenience to food and beverage.


"It is my mission to to provide the means for a good time at Flagler's beautiful Beach by offering quality surf boards, skate boards and all the accessories and customizing you need to make them your signature boards."

Sully's Surf and Skate Shop caters to the core surf/skate community.

The shop carries name brand surf boards for sale such as Clever, BPC, T&C, Orion, BYB, and Elite to name a few. They also can and will custom shape any board you have in mind.

As for skateboards, they carry many brands, and if Sully does not have it, he will cheerfully custom order the board you choose.


They also offer beach gear such as hats, visors, helmuts, board wax, water-proof watches , tee shirts, wheel lubricant and don't forget the Coppertone Suntan lotion!

products sold at Sully's Surf and Skate Shop

If you can't have fun at the beach after you leave Sully's Surf and Skate Shop, you might just as well go to the library.

Sully offers the casualness and knowledge you expect in a beach-town surf shop. And good company and conversation whether you are waxing your board or he is customizing the board for you. You will often find him in the yard of the shop doing just that - for someone - so it might as well be you.


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