Salt Tolerant Plants

    Salt-tolerant crotons

One of the first things I did here is start gardens of flowers that died in spite of my attentive care. Little did I know there are many plants which will not tolerate the salt in the air and soil which is at or near the beach.

What may grow on the west side of the Intracoastal Waterway may not necessarily be what will grow on the east side of the waterway.

It will help your gardening efforts to drive up and down the streets in your neighborhood to see what your neighbors have growing and you may be supprised to see the limited amount of landscaping.

Getting a book on salt tolerant plants is also a good idea.

What may not grow on one side of your home, may grow on the other side of the home where it is protected from the harsh salt-carrying wind. These will be the plants you will need to protect in a heavy wind storm. Notice where your neighbors have their healthy plants.


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    Dune daisies

    Brown-eyed Susans

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Sunrise at the Flagler Beach PierIf you come from the north, as I did, there are a few things you may want to know about the flowers and trees surrounding us here at the beach.


These information is provided as a matter of service to our beachside customers and not intended to be recommendations or references for quality or durability - for that please check with your friends and neighbors.


          Spanish bayonet













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